The EK Kosher Certification Process Works as follows:


The first step toward gaining kosher certification is to submit an application. The EK Kosher team will ensure that any and all information about your company is kept strictly confidential.


Once we have reviewed your application we will assign one of our representatives, trained in your field of production, to oversee all related matters for your company.

Initial Inspection and Terms

Our local rabbinic representative will visit your facility to make a thorough inspection, so as to fully understand all the factors involved in your production process. He will discuss with you anything that needs to be done in order to be able to certify the facility as kosher and he will then send a full report to our main office.

Once we have determined the specific requirements, taking all factors into consideration, we will establish an appropriate annual fee. We will keep in contact with you to deal with any unresolved issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

Once the process is understood and we have agreed on terms, we will draw up a contract between EK Kosher and your company, with all such details clearly outlined. You will be sent the contract to review and sign.


As outlined in the contract, an EK local representative will subsequently be visiting your facility on a regular basis. In order to keep our fees as reasonable as possible, we will endeavour to coordinate the timing of these visits in the most economical way.


Once you have returned the signed contract, have met all requirements and paid the first year’s certification fee, we will issue EK kosher certificates for all your products that we have certified. You will then be entitled to display the registered EK symbol on the certified products.






You have now gained EK Kosher’s certification. Your company’s name and the kosher products you produce will be listed in the EK Kosher Product list and your products may bear the Kosher Symbol.